Our Vision

To empower people to document and rediscover their favorite memories.

Our Mission

To help everyday people capture life’s golden moments with effortless line-a-day journaling.



We prioritize busy lives. We create features that add value to people’s day without compromising their time. We encourage living in the moment (and documenting it effortlessly).


We help people capture their raw moments of joy. We love the spirit of community and vulnerability. From insightful journal prompts to memory throwbacks, we value genuine and personal experiences.


We empower people to relive their memories. We believe life is an adventure filled with rich experiences. There’s wonder and satisfaction in the good days, as well as the bad.

Our People

Alec Deng

Product Lead

Alec has been doing line-a-day journaling for the past 5 years in a row and found his experience to be incredibly rewarding. As an avid designer and a graduate of the Stanford product design program, he's formed the Gold team as a way to share his experience with others. He hopes that through Gold, people are able to better connect with their past and future selves, find gratitude, and live mindfully in the present.

Ryan Kurohara

Engineering Lead

Ryan is recent graduate of Stanford and loves building consumer software products in his spare time. During his senior year in college, he worked on a mobile application that synced music across devices so that users could still listen to stereo music without a bluetooth speaker. He’s passionate about helping people engage with technology through gratitude journaling.

Jolene Mai

ux writer

Jolene is a recent UCI graduate with a passion for language and psychology. She enjoys crafting words to help others do meaningful things, like journaling! Although she’s a fan of long brain dumps on paper, she loves how line-a-day journaling can fit into her busy schedule. She hopes that through Gold, others may also be empowered to find joy in the little moments.

Katrina Webb

MARketing Lead

Kat is a recent UCLA grad and has used all types of journaling to help her reflect and respond to her everyday life. Due to a pitifully bad memory, she started line-a-day journaling while studying abroad  her junior year to help preserve her experiences there. She has managed to stick with it ever since and hopes Gold will help fellow forgetfuls to reflect and discover precious memories in their day to day.

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